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China and Vietnam, April 2004


source: CIA Burma map available from the University of Texas at Austin

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Part 1: Lugu Lake (Lugu Hu)


Lugu Hu
The very remote and unspoiled Luku lake is located at an altitude of 2685 m on the border between the Chinese provinces Yunnan and Sichuan.



The people living at this lake belong to the minority groups of Mosu (belongs to the Naxi minority) or Yi. The Mosu live still in a matriarchy society with a woman as family head. They never marry, and the man stays his whole life in the mothers or sisters family. The Mosu woman on the picture is sitting in a so called "pig trough" canoe, typical for this lake which has not yet seen motorized boats.


The Lugu lake can be reached by public bus from Lijiang in 5 hours. The trip took one or two days before construction of the new road.



 The surrounding of the lake is not yet developed, but they are already guesthouses (picture above) which have no running water, but high speed internet. The people prepare already for the flood of tourists, which will come after construction of a local airport.

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