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Northeast China 1: Harbin (page 1/2)


 Jilin city

Fog over Songhua River
Despite rigorous frost in the winter, large chemical plants and power stations prevent the Songhua River at Jilin City (Kirin) from freezing. The main tourist attraction of the city are the ice-rimmed trees, caused by vapor rising from the river meeting the -20C (-4F) air overnight.

Harbin overview  

Harbin City
Harbin is the capital of the northernmost Chinese province Heilongjia (Black Dragon River). It is a center of heavy industry in northeastern China. The photo shows the view from the Shangri-La Hotel.

 Harbin city

Russian architecture in Harbin
The center of Harbin shows many buildings from the Russian era. The pavement is also unique in China, it was made by Japanese during their occupation of Manchuria.

 Harbin church

Ice sculpture and Orthodox church
The sculpture in front is only made of ice blocks. In the back is one of the most beautiful buildings Harbins, the brick made orthodox church St. Sophia.

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