Questions and Answers for User Area


Which system resources are required?

Your internet browser must accept session cookies to perform a login. The browser should furthermore support frames for correct display of the navigation bar in the user area. Some functions require that JavaScript is activated. Check your browser here.


Why should I submit an email address?

In case you forget your password, you can request us to resend the password to your registered email address. Your email address is also used for authentication in case you want to delete your user account.


Why do you ask for two email addresses?

Only the first email address is obligatory. You may however submit a 2nd address. If you request to resend the password, it will be sent to both email addresses (if provided). This gives you increased security for the case that you forget the password and your first email address is not longer valid.


How can I change my Password or email address?

This function is not yet installed. Please send an email.


How can I delete my user account?

If you want your account being removed, please submit this request (with your user name) by email.


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