Haihe river

General: The best source for information was the "Discover Tianjin" Homepage, which is unfortunately currently not available on the net (the old link is here). Less attractive is the official page of Tianjin's Municipal Government. Still under construction is the electronic version of the Tianjin Telegraph, Tianjin's source for expat news. Heping Lu

Maps: Several maps of Tianjin province are available in the Internet, e.g. from Expedia maps or a roadmap from Multimap. Since the excellent city maps on the above mentioned "Discover Tianjin" Homepage are no more available, there is (except here) no useful city map left in the Internet. But I found to my surprise a map of the small Tianjin Metro.

Weather forecast: Try Weather Underground for the actual weather and a 3-days forecast. But according my experience more reliable is the Yahoo weather forecast.


MiandiTraveling in China: After a long time, I found finally a domestic flight timetable including fares. Still not available is a train timetable or a actual railway map in English language. (The China Railways Homepage, last update July 1999! is not too helpful). Chinese readers can have actual information from Beijing Railway Station or an online timetable from China's Ministry of Railways. Railway enthusiasts should check the China Railway Page of Robin J. Gibbons, the Chinese Railways Page of Hans Schaefer (specially for steam locomotives) and the collection of links on The Gallery of China.

(last update: April 06, 2003)