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Northeast China 2: Inner Mongolia and Jilin province (page 1/2)

source: CIA map of the University of Texas at Austin 
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Long distance trains
Traveling in China means always long distances. Please note the scale attached to the map to imagine the size of this region in China. We spent 6 days of our 12-days trip in trains (black lines in the map above; red lines with bus or car). The journey began with a 30-hours ride along the Trans-Siberian railway from Tianjin to Manzhouli at the Chinese-Russian border. The second destination was the Tianchi lake at the border to North Korea. 

Part 1: Manzhouli and Hailar (Inner Mongolia)


Chinese-Russian Border
The Trans-Siberian railway crosses the border to Russia at the Chinese town Manzhouli in the province Inner Mongolia. Located close to Manzhouli is the Hulun lake (Hulun hu), also called Dalai lake, one of the the largest lakes Chinas.


Mongolian Grasslands
The city Hailar (Haila'er) is surrounded by the Hulunbei'er grasslands. Blue skies and green, endless grasslands are waiting for visitors. We spent a night in a Yurt camp and met it's owner Enen Ebusi, who is the main actor in the Chinese movie "Gada Meilin" (director: Feng Xiaoning), which was produced mainly at this place.



Horse riding
in the Mongolian grasslands at Hailar.

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